1 1 "Pilot" Jason Reitman Zander Lehmann October 7, 2015
Both Valerie and Alex go on dates based on matches on Alex's dating website.
2 2 "Friends" Jason Reitman Zander Lehmann October 7, 2015
Alex spends the day with Valerie's one night stand Leon, and winds up having a crazy night. Valerie goes out with a group of 20-something girls who coach her on dating young men. Laura gets in trouble at a high school house party.
3 3 "Animals" Max Winkler Zander Lehmann October 14, 2015
Valerie decides to move out of Alex's house but is blind-sided by the financial repercussions of divorce. Alex adopts a dog. Laura fantasizes about her photography teacher Michael.
4 4 "..." Max Winkler Zander Lehmann October 21, 2015
Valerie breaks Alex's rules of casual sex. Alex is interviewed about his dating site. Laura makes a move on her teacher Michael.
5 5 "Mom" Michael Weaver Sheila Callaghan October 28, 2015
Valerie and Alex's mother shows up unannounced. Valerie gets good advice from an unlikely source. Laura and Michael share a moment after she sees her father out with his new girlfriend.
6 6 "Biden" Michael Weaver Liz Tigelaar November 4, 2015
Alex's secret profile gets its first real match. Laura bonds with Michael after her sex tape goes viral at school. Valerie gets closure with her ex-husband.
7 7 "Home" Tricia Brock Harris Danow November 11, 2015
Alex and Emmy (Eliza Coupe) have a foursome. Laura discovers Valerie has been seeing Michael and moves out.
8 8 "Bottles" Tricia Brock Zander Lehmann & Harris Danow November 18, 2015
Laura invites her estranged grandparents and her father and his new girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner without telling Valerie or Alex.
9 9 "Mars" Fred Savage Halsted Sullivan November 25, 2015
Alex and Valerie attend their parents' wedding rehearsal dinner. Laura attends a gallery where Michael is showing some of his photographs.
10 10 "Dave" Fred Savage Zander Lehmann December 2, 2015
Alex leaves the rehearsal dinner to spend the night at Leon's house. Valerie and Emmy spend the day trying to find him. Laura plans to move to Mexico.